Eats & Asana

is a virtual program that gives you the framework, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration and support to feel at home and confident in your body and respond to your needs with love.

It’s a revolution in the way you think about your body, food and yourself. 

Eats & Asana Fall 2020 Starts Soon

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Before Eats & Asana I was struggling with negative body image thoughts and at a cooking dead end. I lost interest in planning and cooking healthier meals and found myself stuck in a rut with food and lack of variety. I felt I’d lost control over my diet and body. This impacted my digestion, leaving me with lots of bloating gas and cramping, negative mindset and loss of hope. The biggest tangible change I’ve noticed is my digestion issues are very minimal and no longer a daily struggle. I feel more satisfied and barely have cravings. I’m happier in my body and have a more positive outlook on myself and life. I’m making better choices and I’ve finally stopped feeling guilty for what I’m eating. Thank you, Selina, I am well on my way!

- Wendy Sherrington